Are You Overwhelmed 
By Your House?

Are you stressed? Do you freak out if someone shows up unexpectedly? 

Do you want to get your home under control but don't know where to start?

Do you wish someone would just hand you a list of what to do?

One small step is all it takes.

You can get started RIGHT NOW.

What is it?

Motivated Moms is a proven system for helping you get your home clean and organized and still leaves you time for the things that matter - family, friends, hobbies. 

It’s a preplanned checklist of chores that breaks down household tasks into smaller, more manageable bites. Just do what’s on that day’s list, then you are free to pursue your other interests without guilt.

What's included?

  • A preplanned checklist of chores
  • You can print off the pre-made list - click here to see samples (available in the printable only and app+printable membership - printables are not editable)
  • OR edit the list on the app dashboard and create your own custom tasks then either print or use it on your device - laptop, PC, phone, tablet (available in the app only and app+printable membership) Note: App is not ready but price for app+printable membership is discounted. App Only membership is not available yet.
  • Works with any operating system because it is web-based so all you need is a web browser

What are the membership options?

  • Printables only membership
  • App only membership (Currently unavailable but coming soon!)
  • App+Printables membership (Discounted because app is not yet ready.)

Why a membership? 

Q. If you’ve used the Motivated Moms printable in the past, you had to make some decisions.Which version? So many to choose from - full size or half size? Week on a page or page per day? Color or black and white? The choices can be overwhelming, and that’s not good. 

A. With the membership, I am giving you access to EVERY version of the planner. You don’t have to choose before you purchase. You can change your mind if you want, any time! Click here to see samples!

Q. After you decided which version you wanted, you purchased and downloaded your planner. If you lost the download for any reason, you had to contact me to reactivate your link. I was always happy to do it for you, but you had to wait for me to do it. Usually I could get to it pretty quickly, but you still may have to wait a day to get your purchase back. 

A. With the membership, you have access to your printables any time. You don’t have to contact me to reactivate. I love that for both of us!

Q. If you used the Motivated Moms app in the past, you were limited to using it on iOS or Android devices. That meant using your little virtual keyboard, and if you didn't use those operating systems, you couldn't use the Motivated Moms app. 

A. With the membership, the app is now web-based and can be used on ANY device regardless of operating system. The app is no longer tied to an app store. Plus you can use it on your desktop or laptop with your regular keyboard - there were many requests for this and I’m happy to be able to finally bring it to you! Note: The app is still being worked on so the App Only membership is not yet available.

Q. Can I share a membership?

A. The Motivated Moms membership is designed to be used within your own household, so you can share it with those who live in your household only. It's been priced to be affordable for anyone to purchase it for themselves, so sharing with others outside your home is not allowed. You can view the Terms and Conditions here for more details. If you would like to gift someone a membership, contact me!

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